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We carefully select small businesses and farms that are the best at their craft to provide the ultimate, online, and local food shopping experience.


Anton SV Pâtisserie's Chef moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2012 with a love for baking that stems back to his family, who has been in the confectionery industry for more than 30 years. Though his day job is managing supply chain planning for a PC hardware company, he loves to travel and has lived in numerous countries. Throughout his travels and countries of residence, he has been searching for a French mille (meaning "thousand") crêpe cake of the caliber his family makes back home. Not being able to find anything close to that level, he started baking in his off time, working to perfect the classic cake based on his family recipe. From this passion — and the support of his family — Anton SV Pâtisserie was created, focusing on mille crêpe cakes, painstakingly hand-made with no less than 20 paper-thin crêpes seamlessly layered with cream, elegant and rich, yet light and nearly dissolving to taste. Sugar is balanced and subtle, resulting in a dessert that satisfies the sweet tooth but allows quality ingredients and texture to shine.

Bayview Pasta

Chef Joshua Felciano from San Francisco has an incredible passion for producing hand-milled flour. With his direct to farm sourced grain he crafts Fresh Pasta, and wood oven Pizzas. He works with local chefs and Retailers to produce custom recipes and goods available at many restaurants and stores in the Bay area. He also does catering, from In-depth Pasta Classes and Tasting Menus to 1979 Sourdough Wood Fired Pizzas from his Classic Ape scooter. On weekends you can find him at local farmer’s markets, and popping up all over in San Francisco.

Bunches Los Gatos

Bunches Los Gatos has been a town staple for many years. Run by a local couple, the flower shop has a wide variety of flowers ranging from exquisite bouquets, to dahlias, to sunflowers. The flowers are hand picked from a local farm in Watsonville and driven straight to the store for happy customers to bring home.


Centonove is the creation of Restaurateur Pasquale Romano. His wife, Andrea is the day to day of the restaurant. The uniquely designed café and retail shop is the embodiment of their shared love of Italian food, wine and culture. Centonove is rooted in a passion for transporting our guests to Italy and bringing people together through wine and food. The staff takes pride in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere that represents classic Italian hospitality.

Chromatic Coffee

Named Metro's best new coffee roaster in 2013 and Thrillist's top coffee company of the Bay Area in 2015, Chromatic Coffee is a San Jose favorite featuring organic, responsibly-harvested coffee beans from family-owned farms across Central and South America, Yemen, Ethiopia, and all over the globe — all of which is roasted by hand-made machines at their location on Lincoln Ave, San Jose. Their roasting profiles are carefully designed to showcase the natural beauty and complexity in each variety and cultivar they select. Chromatic is unique because they prize craftsmanship over ease and quality over convenience. They honor and fairly compensate for the fine work done by their producers, thriving to change the way the world enjoys coffee.

In 1920 SAPAR is established in Meaux, France. Through the years, SAPAR specialized in what it did best: Pâtés, leading to acclaim all over Europe. Fauchon in Paris, as well as the finest Gourmet Stores and Chefs all over Europe, were using SAPAR’s products.In 1985, Jean Claude Augé decided to establish Fabrique Délices to bring a major improvement to the American market. The two key ideas behind his philosophy were: Outstanding and consistent quality and unique and eye catching presentations. Fabrique Délices broke ground in 1985 in San Mateo as the United States subsidiary of SAPAR. With an extensive product line that includes blood sausage, duck confit and country pâtés, Fabrique Délices produces over 3,000 pounds a day. Among Pâtés, Mousses, Saucisson Sec, Magret, Duck Confit, Rillette, Garlic Sausage, Merguez, Saucisse de Toulouse, Boudin Noir, Boudin Blanc and other Specialty Foods.

Fleur de Cocoa

Using French recipes and techniques, Fleur de Cocoa offers a variety of traditional French mousse cakes, tarts and pastries, as well as fine teas by Harney and Sons, coffee and espresso drinks with Verve Coffee Roasters beans, petits-fours, wedding cakes, favors, and hand-crafted chocolates.

GirlzWurk Honey

GirlzWurk has come up with a unique solution for bee infestations in our South Bay community! When you call them to remove your bees, the bees are not just removed, they’re taken to a foster family in the local area. Foster families adopt the beehive into their backyards and allow space to repopulate a declining piece of our ecosystem. In addition to saving bees, GilrzWurk makes the most delectable microbatched honeys from these foster bee populations. Enjoy some delicious GirlzWurk honey in your next order while supporting the fragile bee population in our area.

Grocer + Goddess

Yvonne Khananis presents GROCER + GODDESS – a specialty food market devoted to artisanal items and thoughtfully curated meals and provisions. In the heart of downtown Los Gatos, you’ll find Yvonne’s most loved products, hand-selected for professional chefs, home cooks, foodies, and lovers of all things exceptional. Yvonne's story began in her grandmother’s kitchen, as a young girl standing at the family matriarch's apron strings, where she absorbed the traditions and techniques of her heritage, and has now spent over 25 years perfecting her craft. GROCER + GODDESS is not only a marketplace for specialty items but a vibrant space that showcases the best of culinary and lifestyle products and experiences. Visit us in downtown Los Gatos and find your one-stop-shop for hand-selected, house-made and small-batch Groceries, Goods, Gifts, and Grab + Go dining. ​

Los Gatos Coffee Roasting

Los Gatos Coffee Roasting Company has been specializing in sourcing and roasting the finest coffees of the world since its inception in 1982. As an independent craft roaster pioneering in the specialty coffee industry, the Roasting Company is known for setting high standards with its award-winning coffees. In the past, the coffee shop has hosted Saturday night concerts and open mic nights.

Manresa Bread

Manresa Bread is a neighborhood bakery founded by Partner and Head Baker Avery Ruzicka, a 2020 James Beard finalist. Conceived in the kitchen of Chef David Kinch’s three-Michelin-star Manresa restaurant. Ruzicka mills 90% of the—primarily local—grains in house on 40” New American Stone Mill; sources high-quality artisanal and local ingredients; employs time-honored baking techniques; and uses natural fermentation processes to create a rotating selection of sourdough loaves and sweet and savory pastries.

Oren's Hummus

Oren Dobronsky worked in the technology sector but found one thing missing from the Bay Area restaurant scene: A big plate of authentic, creamy hummus – with fresh pita & mediterranean salads – just like back home in Tel Aviv. Thus, Oren and his wife Nancy opened Oren’s Hummus. With the success of the first location, Oren and Nancy decided that the lively casual concept should be expanded. They formed another couple and together the two couples have grown the little shop on University Avenue in Palo Alto into a Bay Area favorite.


We are a neighborhood spot, serving world-class hand-crafted cocktails and small plates using fresh and locally sourced ingredients. Our establishment is dedicated to providing a fun place to share food and drinks while making meaningful connections.

Sweet Diplomacy

Sweet Diplomacy is a 100% gluten-free bakery specializing in special diet-friendly baked goods with many dairy-free, paleo, and vegan options. Everything is hand-made from scratch in small batches with exceptional ingredients. Sweet Diplomacy's mission is to bring people together to celebrate world flavors and inclusive tastes.


Fogline Farm

Fogline Farm has been in operation since 2009. In 2009, Johnny Wilson began leasing a beautiful 40-acre apple orchard in the Soquel hills above Santa Cruz. In 2010, Caleb Barron and Jeffrey Caspary joined the team. For 4 years, the farm grew in abundance as pasture-raised broilers fertilized the vegetable fields. Egg laying chickens and heritage hogs roamed the orchard keeping it clean of weeds and pests while fertilizing the trees. Fogline managed a CSA and grew their farmer's market presence. In 2014, the historic 100-year old Manildi Ranch was sold and the original family moved away. And so did Johnny and Jeffrey. Caleb took over ownership and management. The integrated management continued, but with the new owners arriving and a need to expand the livestock program, the need for a new property was on the horizon.

Goodland Organics

Good Land Organics is an exotic fruit and coffee farm overlooking the Pacific Ocean from the foothills of Santa Barbara, California. Our certified organic farm employs a layered agriculture system that utilizes crop diversity and maximizes the potential of our hilly terrain. This is just one of the many ways we practice sustainable growing and resilient agriculture. Good Land Organics was founded by Jay Ruskey in 1992. Together with his wife Kristen, their children Kasurina, Sean & Aiden and (grand)parents Jack and Nicole, the Ruskey Family built more than just a farm. Good Land Organics is a pioneer grower of rare and exotic fruit in California, and a leader in the evolution of California as a coffee growing region

Brokaw Ranch

Hank and Ellen Brokaw started their own farm back in 1967 and specialize in growing avocados. They intensively farm their orchards, individual tree by individual tree. After harvest, they vet each individual fruit, prepare it, and fast track it to Locale. The Brokaws’ stellar avocado quality has earned their avocados table space at some of the best and most well regarded restaurants in San Francisco.

Bella-Vita Farms

A family farm that started over 50 years ago and now has locations in Monterey, Santa Maria, and Santa Barbara. They were one of the first farms in the state to have Organic berries as a staple across all their farms. Today, local farmers sell their handpicked berries at farmers markets throughout the Bay Area.

ALBA Farms

ALBA’s mission is to create economic opportunity for limited-resource and aspiring organic farmers through land-based education in the heart of the Salinas Valley. ALBA provides these farmers with land and 5 years of farmer education and enterprise development. Here, beginning farmers learn about proper farming techniques, business planning, and marketing. Typically, more than 30 farmers cultivate an array of fresh, organic vegetable crops.

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• Bunches flower arrangement
• Manresa baguette
• Manresa chocolate croissant
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• Fleur de Cocoa mixed berry tart
• Manresa chocolate croissant
• Manresa pumpkin muffin
• Fleur de Cocoa eclair
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